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Bari & Law Associates Corporate Services Provider

Solutions for International Business, Investment & Family Wealth , International Litigation , Company Formation, Bari & Law Associates offers professional Consulting, Banking, Corporate, Litigation services to local & international clients. Founder Mr. Qaiser Bari Advocate High courts of Pakistan regulated under the Punjab Bar Council, Pakistan as an Advocate operating through various separate and distinct legal entities.

WHY CHOOSE Bari & Law Associates

  • We provide services to small to large companies, Government , semi government, Individual, Banking ……
  • The range of services can be tailored to our clients’ needs. We can simply assist with the incorporation of a companies ( Middle east) or handle the set up and general day-to-day running of the business

We are located at:

Pakistan: 1- Basement Al- Majeed Centre, Link Farid Kot Road, Lahore, Near Lahore High Court                (Advocates and Law consultants)

UK: 127 Barkerend Road, Bradford, BD3 9AU (Only Providing Eu Settlement scheme services OISC Level 1).

UAE: RAKIA Amenity Centre, Al Jazeera Al Hamra, RAS AL KHaimah, UAE (Corporate services Provider)

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E: info@bari.legal

As a member of the PPR in the UK under voluntary regulation of the PPR and able to carry out work as outlined in any Paralegal Practising Certificate issued by the PPR.

The following activities are Reserved Activities and we are not providing reserved activities.

Reserved Legal Activities:

  • the exercise of rights of audience (i.e. appearing as an advocate before a court);
  • the conduct of litigation (i.e. issuing proceedings before a court and commencing, prosecuting or defending those proceedings);
  • reserved instrument activities (i.e. dealing with the transfer of land or property under specific legal provisions);
  • probate activities (i.e. obtaining grant or letters of administration);
  • notarial activities (i.e. work governed by the Public Notaries Act 1801); and
  • the administration of oaths (i.e. taking oaths, swearing affidavits etc.).

There are other prohibitions on paralegals in addition to the reserved activities work, e.g.:

  1. a) Giving immigration and asylum advice and assistance unless

registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, or exempt from having to be so registered;

  1. b) Undertaking any of the activities in the practice areas covered by the

Compensation Act 2006 unless registered with the Claims Management regulations division of the Ministry of Justice, or exempt from having to be so registered (NB: the legislation is intended to regulate the activities of claims management companies, but is so widely drafted that it captures many Paralegal Law Firms too);

  1. c) Undertaking police station representation work on a case funded under

the legal aid scheme without having due accreditation;

  1. d) Providing or advising on financial services.

These guidelines relate solely to the six areas designated as reserved activities under the Act.

There are some exemptions, or exceptions to the prohibition on carrying out reserved legal activities, the exemptions listed below are not exhaustive.

  1. Reserved instrument activities or probate activities may be carried out

if the activities are not carried out for, or in expectation of, any fee, gain or reward.

2. A court may grant to an unregulated person the right to conduct

litigation and or exercise a right of audience in a particular set of proceedings, however this is at the Court’s discretion.

  1. Lay representatives have a right of audience in the small claims track

under the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).  Members should ensure that they are fully familiar and compliant with the provisions of the CPR before exercising any such rights.

This is very clear from our side that in UK , we are providing only as follows services which are allowed as Paralegal services provider, as mediator or company formation secretarial services etc. We are paralegal firm, we are not solicitor or barrister firm , so we do not deal with reserved activities.


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